L   I   F   E

In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

We enjoy the beauty and supply of our world. We are in tune with the orchestrated rhythms of light-dark, work-rest, produce-consume, life-death. We think grand, but even our planet is but a speck in our universe, a tiny spot in the whole of space.

How have all these thing come to be? And how are they controlled? All by accident? A spark? A bang? Beauty from chaos? Magnificence from mud? Is our future, our planet, our life all to chance? Or do we have hope for tomorrow?

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.


Reading the first page of the Bible, we find that God created space, matter, energy, time and life.

There is no conflict between the Bible and true science. After all...
"Science is the discovery and documentation of the creation."

There are religious theories and there are scientific theories. All things will be proven in time.
There is absolute truth.
There are presumed truths.
There are those who believe there are no truth at all. All things will be proven in time.


When God created man, we had fellowship with Him in the garden. In Eden we had all things needed without the need to work and without science or technology. Our Creator supplies our needs and is glad to do so - He just wants us to be grateful and respectful to his will.

Most likely you know the history of Adam and Eve and their disobedience. That act separated us from the close relationship that we had with our Creator Father. Even though we did not have the closeness with our Father that we previously had, He still cares for us and watches over us.


There is one way to be re-united to the close, direct relationship with the Creator - through Jesus the Saviour. If you don't know the story of Jesus, get a Bible (print or digital) and read the book of John (the 4th. Gospel). You will find that He paid the price for our redemption and by accepting Him and following after His instruction - we can be re-united in close fellowship with our Heavenly Father.


Contrary to what some may think - Jesus did not come to start a new religion. Let me say that again...

Jesus did not come to start a new religion.

The religious leaders were constantly against Jesus and eventually brought Him to the Romans to be executed. Religion is man's method to reach God. More times then not, religions are actually contrary to the word and will of God. Religion divides.

Jesus came so that we could have a new relationship with our Creator. Separated from him in the garden, we can be reunited with Him through forgiveness by Jesus the Christ. You, as an individual, can know the Creator, our Heavenly Father, in a personal way. It does not matter where you are from or what religion you may have been part of, or not part of.

This is a concept that many will have difficulty with because of the strong influence of religion throughout the world.


  • Religion is man's method to reach heaven. Biblical example: Tower of Babel.
  • Jesus did not start Christianity. Man changed the ministry of Jesus into organised religion.
  • Religion divides and has been the reason for many wars and many deaths.
  • You can follow Christ without religion.
  • Adam and Eve in the garden were not practicing religion - they were in relationship with the Creator.
  • Jesus came to reunite us in relationship with the Creator, like in in the garden.

The Bible teaches that all are welcome to come to knowledge of Christ and find peace and relationship with the God and Creator of all things.

This includes Jews, Greeks, Arabs, Africans, Latin, Chinese, American, any social status, any educational level, etc, etc. ALL PEOPLE!

The invitation is open to all. Begin to read and/or listen to the Bible. Pray and seek direction. God will guide you when you seek Him with a whole heart.

You church/religious organisation may be teaching traditions and doctrines that are contrary to the word of God. You may be going through the 'routine' of church - which is not enough. You must prove all things and hold fast to that which is good and true. Ask questions.

Remember, your church and religion CAN NOT save you. Salvation is only available through Christ and YOU being active to seek Him.

The message is simple and open to all. Seek to learn and pray for direction. First thing, get a bible and begin to read. Start in the New Testament.

Feel free to contact me and ask questions. I have nothing to sell and nothing for you to join. The love of God is free and freely given.


In the beginning, God created.

We are made in His image. It's in us to create also. Let's do it with responsibility and make our world a better place for all.

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