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Morehouse Technical is about using technology to help people.

Technology is typically identified with the tech giants and huge profits. There are many smaller companies and open source projects that put the individual first, before profit and financial gain.

Technology has the ability to improve the world with the necessities of shelter, food, clean water and medicines for all. The biggest obstacles to this becoming a reality are greed and inequality. Technology has given us the ability to cure the worst of diseases, but we have not found the universal cure for greed and entitlement.

Technology advancements are exciting and at the same time cause for alarm. Technology has allowed us to create weapons that can destroy the world several times over. The prophets of science warn that developments in the next technological frontier, Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the next biggest threat the mankind. What are we doing? The race for supremacy will not slow or stop. It will increase until the destruction takes place.

We are looking to learn about and encourage projects that focus on making people's lives better.

Areas of interest...
  • Shelter
  • Free Sustainable Energy
  • Clean Water
  • Earth Friendly Containers and Materials
  • Healthy Foods and Diets
  • Clean Air
  • Zero Waste

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In the beginning, God created.

We are made in His image. It's in us to create also. Let's do it with responsibility and make our world a better place for all.