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San Diego, California

Morehouse Technical provides consulting and design services in product development and energy management.

Advancements in technology is exciting and at the same time cause for careful attention. As this landscape expands, there are new opportunities to be explored, but also new dangers to avoid.


Residing in sunny Imperial Valley, California - my typical service area where visits are required is about a 200 mile radius. That would include Southern California, Arizona, Las Veges and Northern Baja California, Mexico. Se habla Espanol.

Many projects, of course, do not require visits and can be anywhere.


A current project focus is leading web development for I take opportunity to give a shout out to Dwaine Canova and his incredible system for 'Elite Executive Teams™'.

Through Tom Watson Inc. electrical contractor in El Centro, CA, I provide 'Dry Utility' consulting to the boom of residential housing projects happening throughout Imperial Valley.

The first step to reducing energy is evaluating your electrical usage and target solutions that work for you. Solution partner - USA Energy Efficiency.

If your technical staff is doing a good job; admonish them with acknowledgement and support them with time and access to staying up-to-date in their speciality.

A well oiled engine runs smooth and trouble-free.


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In the beginning, God created.

We are made in His image. It's in us to create also. Let's do it with responsibility and make our world a better place for all.