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The stage of your project may be just an idea, a well thought out plan, or a complete product specification. No matter where you are at, a successful project requires the following definations

Detail the function and style of your product as much as possible.

We can help at any stage of development. Some products start as a concept and need to pass many iterations until user-ready.

Target Audience / End-User / Environment

A product must be designed for the end user and the environment. Example: Applications accessing sensitive data require extreme security. Industrial products, if not built heavy-duty, will fail prematurely.

Planning, Budgets, and Hidden Costs

Project development, like organizations, often fail because of poor planning and the bite of hidden costs and time override. Partnering with experience increases the rate of success.

Every customer has a unique situation and opportunities. This is also true of each project/product.

Getting Started

Every project starts with a transfer of design intent and review. It's critical to get started in the right direction.


Most products are a combination of specific features, and enhancement options. Starting with the minimal viable product and then added too is the best path. Closely working with the customer, together we optimize the product while maintaining budget and time constraints.


Digital products start with selecting the base system and build applications while applying current industry standards.
Physical products (consumer, industrial) are built utilizing leading CAD systems and prototypes as-needed for iteration evaluation.


Cloud-based collaboration applications allow continuous up-to-date project status.

Success is not a single event. It is a calculated series of actions and reactions to arrive at a target destination.

Celebrate Each Advance

Along the development path their are accomplishments and events to take note of. We recognize these with encouragement and enthusiasm.

Steps & Milestones

Planning and mapping from point A to point X defines deliberate iterations and progress.

Cross the Finish Line

A finished product is cause for celebration. Our satisfaction is delivering a product that the customer is proud of and achieves their goals.

Consultation & Product Concept Evaluation

Detailing product specifications and Identifying challenges early is critical for efficient product design/development.

Product Design - IT

The right architecture and code systems speed the build, ease maintenance and extend the product life cycle.

Product Design - MCAD

In addition to designing to meet specifications - the product must also be designing for manufacturing processes.

Product Build

We utilize the most efficient process to build, and inspect/test regularly to ensure specification compliance and proper function.

Project Team Collaboration

All active stakeholders are are informed on progress and input on decisions. We utilize The Collaboration Apps™ by Zynity.

Manufacturing Consultant

We can source manufacturers and suppliers, and serve as your representative.

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