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Design & Engineering

Products Electronics Process Machinery Prototypes Electrical Systems Renewable Energy MEP More…

We can get started from your engineering specifications or simple sketches.

Web and Software Development

Web Design & Dev: Simple Enterprise Responsive CMS Apps Database Applications More…

General Coding: Custom Business Apps Analytics Micro Computer Embedded More…

Energy Efficiency Products & Systems

Making your home, business and equipment more energy efficient not only saves on your electric bill, but also reduce negative effects on health and environment.

Our advanced technical products usually pay for themselves in a season or two.

Added benefits: • Better Comfort • Longer Equipment Life.

Manufacturing Services

Leading Industry Partners get your parts and products made on-time and in budget.

Electronics Plastics Sheet Metal Machining Fabrication Assembly More…


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At-Hand Resources

Trusted Skilled Human Resources are the heart of any great organization.  Having those resources sitting in your office is not always and option.  We are YOUR on-call resource .

Expanded Network

Quality Industry Connections

Expanding your quality industry connections brings greater opportunities to reach your target market.

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Experience matched with great communications yields faster solutions.




Mutual Trust

Written Agreements.  Contracts.  Policies.  These are important, and needed.  We must also have Mutual Trust. 
At the heart of our service is seeing you succeed.
Your Success is Our Success.
Protecting your ideas, concepts and plans is our priority and  standard operating practice.
Protecting the Earth

People. Planet. Profits.

We believe the “bottom line” means more then just profits.  People are a PRIORITY…  our people, your people and EVERYONE that is affected by what we do. Financial gain must not decrease the quality of life for anyone. 
We use technology to create products that:
  • Do not harm the environment.
  • Promote energy efficiency.
  • Take advantage of renewable energy.
Mutual Trust


Your idea, product or project is VERY important to you.
You trust us to make it the best it can be within time and budget constraints.
Our promise is to manage your project with professionalism and responsibility.
Our motivation is to exceed your expectations.