About Us

We are a Multidisciplinary Technical Services Company


 What that really means is… we do a variety of things related to different technical fields.  Technology is rarely singular.  A product or project usually involves more then one type of technology.  Mechanics and Electronics.  Computers and Programming.  Products and Manufacturing.  We supply you with the resources you need to succeed.

International Connections

Services. Materials. Manufacturing,

Innovation is Everywhere.  Being connected to the right supplier and leading technology is key to succeed.

To Serve

How can we assist you today?

Looking for a unique part?  Have an idea that needs evaluation?  We are ready to help.

Local Endeavors

What are YOUR objectives?

All our services are about serving you.  Because for you… the mot important project is the one you are working on.

Core Team


Founder & CEO

Scott Morehouse

Crave knowing ‘how things work’.  Next to that is my love to see a tough problem solved and the satisfaction of a competed project.

Engineering & Technical Support

Erick Garcia

Mechatronics Engineer.  When not at work, you’ll often find me teaching robotics and STEM to the next generation of engineers.

Customer Relations

Joseph Morehouse

Let’s get some tacos and seriously talk business.  Oh, pass the salsa please.